Putting people and the planet at the core of business

Our impact

CORE has been at the forefront of UK campaigning on corporate accountability for 20 years.


Among our successes, we have:

  1. 2018-19: Intervened in a case before the UK Supreme Court on the responsibilities of companies in relation to human rights and environmental protection
  2. 2017-18: Shifted the debate on supply chains from transparency to due diligence and accountability with in-depth research and policy papers
  3. 2016: Given oral evidence to Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into business and human rights
  4. 2016: Published comprehensive guidance for businesses and investors on modern slavery reporting
  5. 2015: Successfully campaigned for a law requiring companies operating in the UK to report on what they are doing to address modern slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains
  6. 2014: Worked with European partners to secure an EU-wide transparency requirement for large businesses
  7. 2014: Revealed how the UK government intervened to support Shell and Rio Tinto in high-profile US human rights court cases, following requests from the companies
  8. 2013: Published The Third Pillar, a major report on access to justice for victims of transnational corporate human rights violations
  9. 2012-13: Secured a commitment from the UK Government to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and informed the content of the UK’s National Action Plan on business & human rights
  10. Successfully campaigned for a new legal duty in the Companies Act 2006 requiring company directors to have regard to communities and the environment.


“…their reporting guidance for the Modern Slavery Act is seminal…it provides much more information for companies than anything out there. It’s a great resource.” (NGO partner, 2018)

“CORE did a report called Risk Averse – it was a massive piece of work and … really spot on as far as highlighting how non-transparent companies are even when we know these are risks in their supply chains.” (NGO partner, 2018)

“Consistent messages we have got from CORE have really helped us get an evidence base to explain to ministers the policy positions we would like to recommend to them.” (Civil servant, 2018)

“I’m amazed by the amount of different activities they have at any one time. I always reflect that they are punching above their weight so much…” (Partner organisation, 2018)

“… CORE has issued comment papers or reactions [to the UK’s Business and Human Rights Action Plan] which have been so logical and well argued, well set out, that they are basically pretty unanswerable.” (Government official, 2015)

“Co-ordinating efforts is a sensible strategy and is incredibly useful for us.” (Government official, 2015)

“There are very few of the major NGOs which have any major focus or staffing in the area of corporate accountability … I’m convinced that many of them wouldn’t have understood things like the Modern Slavery Bill without CORE’s input.” (NGO partner, 2015)

These comments were a result of two independent strategic reviews of CORE carried out in 2015 and 2018.