Putting people and the planet at the core of business

What we do

Our mission

To end corporate practices that harm people and the environment.


Why it matters

The UK is home to multinational companies with extensive global supply chains and operations. These companies have a responsibility to respect human rights and the environment wherever they operate.

While some already meet this responsibility, many other companies are linked to serious abuses: exploitative working conditions, including modern slavery and child labour; toxic pollution; and violent attacks on communities and human rights defenders.

Too many companies are doing nothing to end their negative impact on people and planet. Instead, they seek to optimise profits by undercutting responsible firms who operate to higher standards.

CORE is calling for an economy in which corporations’ drive for profit is balanced by the interests of society and the environment, with risks and rewards shared more equally.

Our approach

We primarily advocate for governments to set standards and hold companies accountable.

While there is a role for business-driven, voluntary schemes, these are insufficient to bring about the structural shift needed to end unethical corporate practice.

Our approach is informed by partners’ experience of engaging directly with workers, communities and businesses, and underpinned by global standards on business and human rights endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council, the UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights (UNGPs).

Our work includes:

  • Monitoring, researching and raising awareness of human rights and environmental abuses related to business activity
  • Promoting the right to redress for the victims of corporate human rights abuse
  • Providing technical advice to government, including commenting on proposed legislation and government policy on business impacts on human rights and the environment
  • Promoting public support for the rights of communities and individuals whose human rights are adversely affected by business activity
  • Promoting respect for human rights and the environment by businesses.

We work with a network of UK and international partners.

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