Exploring Elements of Effective Remedy: Focus on Women’s Rights

As part of the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights 2017 (which took place in 28 November in Geneva, Switzerland), CORE was involved in a parallel session on effective remedy and women’s rights.

The session consisted of three panel discussions. CORE, along with Womankind Worldwide, UK Gender and Development Network, AWID, Landesa and other women’s advocacy organisations, hosted a panel discussion on ‘Women’s rights and land intensive investment: What does meaningful access to remedy look like?’

Ashoka University’s Genpact Centre for Women’s Leadership, UN Global Compact, UN Women, and Women @ the Table, also hosted a panel discussion on ‘Business-related impacts on women’s rights – challenges and strategies for addressing them’.

The third panel discussion on ‘Women workers in global supply chains: operational-level grievance mechanisms and access to remedy’ was hosted by University of Manchester’s Business and Human Rights Catalyst, Ethical Trading Initiative and Women Working Worldwide.

You can find out more about what happened at the UN forum here.

Read our briefing summarising research from the Human Rights Clinic at the University of Essex on the gender impacts of land intensive corporate activities.