Joint Committee on Human Rights launches inquiry into human rights and business

The Joint Committee on Human Rights has announced an inquiry into human rights and business. The inquiry will take into consideration progress made by the Government on implementing the UNGPs through its National Action Plan published in 2013 and updated in May 2016.

The inquiry will consider in particular what steps the Government takes to monitor compliance with the UNGPs and the extent to which the Government is able to enforce the UNGPs. The inquiry seeks to question whether British business has made progress in carrying out its responsibilities to respect human rights. Also taking into account whether victims of human rights abuse involving businesses within UK jurisdiction have access to effective remedy. Industries the inquiry will focus on are the extractive industries, textiles, agriculture, financial services and manufacturers.

CORE’s submission to the inquiry shares its views on the government’s engagement with business and human rights, as well as concerns on barriers to effective remedies for victims of business related abuses.


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