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The Future of Big Business: Civil Society Roundtable Event on Corporate Governance

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Monday 6th July 2015, 10am – 3pm, Cass Business School

Frank Bold and CORE held a civil society roundtable event on corporate governance. The event explored opportunities for collaboration and fed into the development of a new model for corporate governance. A part of the debate focussed on formulating the business case for the change of corporate behaviour.

Dysfunctional governance structures can lead companies to egregious misconduct, and have serious impacts on their workers, the environment, taxpayers, the communities in which they operate, and consumers.

Civil society groups use a range of methods to try and positively influence corporates’ behaviour, and this workshop explored how changes to corporate governance rules and behaviour could expedite this work.

This workshop provided the following:

• A concise overview of corporate governance in the UK and EU

• An analysis of its relevance to key issues of concern to civil society, including climate change, tax, global inequality, and financial markets regulation

• An interactive session to exchange insights on relevant ongoing campaigns, context and framing for the discussion, and effective advocacy tools

• A targeted discussion about mid-/long-term strategic collaboration on policy priorities


The following materials were produced (follow links to download):


Executive Summary

Frank Bold’s pocket guide to corporate governance