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Sep 2014: Labour conference – Fringe event

Labour Party UK

Labour Party, Manchester, Sunday 21 – Wednesday 24 September 2014

CORE fringe event

Sunday 21 September 2014, 19:00 to 20:30
Venue: Manchester Central
Room: Exchange 10

CORE Labour fringe flyer

Just business: Labour Leadership on Business and Human Rights


  • Chair: Louise Haigh (in place of Lisa Nandy MP)
  • Kerry McCarthy MP, Shadow Foreign Office Minister
  • Richard Howitt MEP, European Parliament Rapporteur on CSR
  • Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors
  • Peter Frankental, Economic Relations Programme Director, Amnesty UK

CORE Labour fringe - key talking points Key talking points: a loose transcript of the event

Key quotes

Peter Frankental
“Downing Street and the Cabinet should not act as a block when Ministers are prepared to take initiative. We are seeing this with the current Modern Slavery Bill.”

Richard Howitt
“Secret tribunals that corporations have access to, in order to sue governments to stop governments regulating them is an absolute obscenity… If we have trade and investment agreements to protect investors, fine; but why not binding rights and protections for workers; or binding rights to protect the environment?”

Steve Waygood
“We need to make sure that the system is transparent, well understood, and that private incentives are much more aligned with the public good.”

Kerry McCarthy
“Britain is a trading nation. Our entire country has been built on trading links… We are also country that prides itself on human rights and taking a lead on that internationally.”


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