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Publications: mandatory human rights due diligence and corporate liability

UK organisations calling for a law on mandatory human rights due diligence (April 2019). 

Reports calling for legislation mandating HRDD in the UK

A UK Failure to Prevent Mechanism for Corporate Human Rights Harms (British Institute of International and Comparative Law, 2020)

Considers the legal feasibility of introducing into UK law a corporate duty to prevent human rights harms, mandating human rights due diligence

Human Rights and Business 2017: Promoting responsibility and ensuring accountability  (Joint Committee on Human Rights, 2017)

Proposes that “the Government bring forward legislation to impose a duty on all companies to prevent human rights abuses…[which] would require all companies to put in place effective human rights due diligence processes (as recommended by the UN Guiding Principles), both for their subsidiaries and across their whole supply chain.”

Progress in Europe

EU Model Legislation on Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights and the Environment (ECCJ, February 2020)

Civil society organisations have produced model legislation for proposed European regulation.

Study on due diligence throughout the supply chain (European Commission, February 2020)

This study for the European Commission focuses on due diligence requirements to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for abuses of human rights.

Comparative analysis of HRDD and corporate liability laws in Europe (ECCJ, September 2019)

Looks at aspects (such as the nature and content of the obligations, companies covered, enforcement mechanisms and impacts on access to judicial remedy) of laws and proposals in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

Frequently Asked Questions about the new Dutch Child Labour Due Diligence Law (MVO Platform, July 2019)

Explains the 2019 Dutch Child Labour Law, which requires companies to conduct human rights due diligence.

Evidence for mandatory HRDD legislation (European Coalition for Corporate Justice, May 2019)

Collects key policy and legal developments in the field of mandatory human rights due diligence or parent company liability, which show the emergent trend towards legislation.

The initiative text with explanations (Swiss Coalition for Corporate Justice, 2018)

Sets out the basic elements of the Swiss legislative proposal for mandatory human rights due diligence, currently moving through the Swiss Parliament.

French Corporate Duty Of Vigilance Law: Frequently Asked Questions (ECCJ, 2017)

Explains the landmark Duty of Vigilance Law. You can also find the 2019 analysis of reports from the first year of the law here.